Langmesser Vehicles



Continuing a tradition of unique styling and impressive performance, the Anteros is built on the C6 (2005 – 2013) Corvette platform and features a body reminiscent of iconic Italian designs. Each Anteros takes approximately 12 weeks to build from the time of order. We start by removing the donor Corvette’s body panels and installing the new carbon composite Anteros body, a process that takes nearly 800 hours. The interior is entirely new with re-contoured leather seats, leather dash, Italian carpeting, and leather-wrapped interior panels, while the wheels and exhaust are removed and replaced with N2A’s custom-made components. Turnkey pricing for the Anteros is dependent on donor vehicle cost and available by request. Performance packages ranging from 525-1000+ horsepower are available for an additional cost. Chevrolet’s 100,000-mile powertrain warranty remains completely intact and the Anteros can be serviced at any GM dealership.